View From Wind Surf: Breakfast In Corsica

An idyllic morning in Porto Vecchio, Corsica – as seen from our breakfast table on Wind Surf. Nearly all of our dining has been al fresco, including dinners at the two evening venues, Candles and Le Marche. Last night, as Wind Surf sailed from Elba, we dined by (electric, but convincing) candlelight aft at Candles. A nearly full moon reflected off the water as our waiter served us a grilled-to-perfection filet mignon with baked potato and all the toppings. The outdoor grill, with steaks sizzling, sets a nice atmosphere. Again, Windstar has been called the industry “most romantic cruise line,” and dining al fresco contributes to that romantic ambience.

The night before, we dined on fresh seafood, with a good selection of shellfish also, at Le Marche, an intimate outdoor venue on the upper deck aft. Windstar sails warm-weather destinations, so evenings are comfortable with only a long-sleeve shirt or a wrap.

Entertainment is also offered outdoors. Last night, there was wide participation in “Name That Tune,” a team exercise to pencil in the titles and composers of ten popular tunes. The team that correctly guessed the most received a bottle of champagne, and, of course, there was dancing afterward. At midnight, quite a few people were still enjoying sailing under the stars, not wanting to part with the night’s beauty. This morning dawned a new day, however, in yet another beautiful place.

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