Regatta’s Only Recurring Complaint

The Oceania@Sea internet facility is well-equipped, the staff is courteous and helpful, and the classes (in Photoshop and other software applications) are educational and well-conducted. But internet access on Regatta has been a source of frustration for a number of passengers. One couple told me that slow internet access was the topic of conversation last night at their dinner table. That’s a pity. Certainly, I have heard a fair number of complaints too. People are understandably disappointed. More than one person I spoke with had purchased a new laptop or iPhone for using the WiFi on board.

But internet is largely non-functional, wired or unwired, at least on this particular sailing. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced slower access – certainly, not since 1989 – and like a few others, I’ve given up altogether on trying to use it, especially at a cost of 95 cents per minute, the highest per-minute cost I know of at sea.

However, I seldom complain without offering solutions, and here are a few suggestions:

  1. Manage your expectations. Internet on Regatta likely will be slow and definitely will be slower than what you’re used to at home.
  2. Plan to use internet ashore. In Bordeaux, I found WiFi plentiful and free, as I did in other ports.
  3. Data enable your phone. I have a Blackberry plan with an unlimited international data plan. Make sure you provision your phone before leaving home, and familiarize yourself with the usage rules. While my AT&T plan gives me unlimited data for $65 per month (a plan that I’ve heard is no longer available), some plans charge per kilobyte accessed. Reasonably priced roaming packages are available from many carriers.

Of course, I welcome other suggestions. Please comment with yours.

You might ask if our society is too addicted to internet (not likely if you’re reading this online), but in fact internet access on ships now permits people to cruise who otherwise could not. See “Our Ship, Your Office”

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Ralph Grizzle says:

Thank you Charles. Very nice to hear from you. I enjoyed our dinner together and our meetings ashore. And thanks for the thoughts on shore excursions, something I will use and make into an article. Best to you and your lovely wife, Ralph

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