Pitching Camp On Silver Spirit


Reporting live from Silver Spirit in the Gulf of Trieste.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with regard to my accommodations for the sea trials on Silversea Cruises’ new Silver Spirit. The ship is only about 65 percent complete, and with more than three months to go before the ship’s inaugural voyages, staterooms and public areas are in an unfinished state. The photo above is of stateroom 725. This is my home for the next two nights. The carpet is covered with plastic, televisions are yet to be installed, and bedding is, well, camp-like. The lights and electrical outlets work – most of the time.

Thankfully, the marble bathroom, with its full-sized bath and separate shower, is fully functional and complete.

Measuring 376 square feet, with a 65-square-foot veranda, when finished, suite 725 will feature two flat-screen televisions. One of those will hide behind a mirror when not in use, a nice touch.

There is one other reporter on board as well as Silversea’s director of public relations, and about 400 others, some employed by Silversea and some employed by the shipyard that is building the ship. We dined together for breakfast – on pizza, focaccia, juice and coffee. For lunch today, we dined with the executive team in Le Champagne restaurant, also in an unfinished state.

Sea trials are designed to test the maneuverability of ships, and though we’ve only been at sea for a few hours, so far, so good. Captain Angelo Corsaro and his relief captain, Marco Sangiacomo, say they are pleased with the ship’s performance. The “Force 8” winds and choppy seas this morning conspired to provide a perfect testing environment for Silver Spirit, the captains say.

My initial impressions: Silver Spirit elevates Silversea Cruises into an entirely new league. Though Silversea is already one of the top luxury contenders, Silver Spirit ratchets up the line’s status. With its new ship, Silversea certainly shows innovation, confidence, and above all, spirit.

For a comprehensive look at Silver Spirit, click on Silver Spirit cruise review.

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One Comment

  • Hi Ralph,

    Although we enjoyed our maiden crossing on the Spirit in January for 16 nights (actually our best cruise yet, despite fatal design flaws, due to
    wonderful fellow pax and spirit crew. Here are some key observations:

    –pool deck too small when ship is full and weather is nice..loungers are all taken, stewards then place them down deck 10 (along jogging track)
    and down to including deck 8 (secret aft deck that few know about). Service is slow, space is at a premium (it feels crowded not luxurious)

    –for non smokers the design where all the suites (too many and too narrow) in the front of ship (esp on a European pax heavy cruise like our TA) meant that our suite was inundated with second hand smoke from our suite neighbors (both in the entry way and on the veranda)–this experience probably will mean we will not book another SS cruise due to their liberal smoking policy (allowing smoking in the cabins).

    –the observation lounge (a wonderfully designed public and non smoking space) great place to read in the morning or get a pre dinner
    drink EXCEPT SS forgot to place bathrooms here (so u have to trudge down to the pool deck to use the nearest Bathroom. Bet this was
    a financial decision (e.g., lack of $$ to put bathrooms here)

    –the show theater is far to small, poorly designed, not enjoyable to watch production shows.

    –veranda suite with their fancy tv/mirror console is all eyewash, awful for pax comfort…when my wife does her make up using the vanity at the foot of the bed, if I want to go to veranda with an adult libation..must climb over the top of the bed.

    –Common use Spa (Sauna, Steam room) is much too small for 540 pax ship vs size of separate male/female spaces on the Shadow and Whisper. Fitness room size is tiny and completely inadequate.. (all gym classes had to be taken to outside deck (where fourth whirlpool is located) if class size is greater than five (Ralph a fitness room on a lux ship that only accommodates 5 people..what was SS leadership thinking??).obviously SS put more effort into the space of the pay-as-u go Spa (very underused on our maiden crossing)

    Thus, Ralph even if SS wanted to amend some of these design flaws during a future drydock they would be hardpressed to fix. We will never book the Spirit again…I believe this ship will be the detriment tipping point for SS’s livelihood (hope I am wrong)


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