Oceania’s Commitment To Its Customers


If there is one document that symbolizes Oceania Cruises’ commitment to its customers, it’s the Mid-Cruise Comments form. Delivered to staterooms within the first few days of the cruise, the form allows guests to put forward suggestions that can “further enhance” their cruise experiences or to voice concerns about problems that can be rectified while on board.

Damien Lacroix

“It’s important for us to get guest feedback as quickly as possible in order to take care of any operational glitches that we solve immediately while the customer is on board,” says Damien Lacroix, general manager on Regatta. “Often some guests can be shy or don’t have the out-going personality to address their concerns to reception. Being able to write their comments and concerns makes it easier for some people.”

Some Regatta guests, for example, did not understand the process of making reservations at Toscana and Polo. “We called them right away to explain,” Lacroix says. “We spend a lot of time following up on the comments. They are important to us to continue to improve our service.”

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