Oasis Of The Seasick? Not Likely, According To Captain

Captain Bill Wright

Normally, stablizers are used to test the stability of a ship during sea trials. But earlier this year, when Oasis underwent its sea trials, the stablizers were used to deliberately make the ship roll.

Often, a pitch of 11 to 12 degrees can be achieved, according to Oasis’ Captain Bill Wright. But on the word’s largest cruise ship, “we couldn’t even get three degrees,” he says.

Harri Kulovaara, Royal Caribbean’s executive vice president, marine, says, “I don’t know why we haven’t been building the wide bodies (ships) all along.”

Not only do wide ships allow for more facilities, but with a width of about 50 meters, more than 160 feet, Oasis is more stable than any of the ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet.

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