Meet Arthur, The Moose

Arthur, The Moose

I’ll be leaving Luleå, Sweden, early tomorrow morning but I won’t be jetting away without thoughts of returning.

Luleå is an extremely promising cruise destination. In Luleå I found a Northern Exposure authenticity than is becoming increasingly difficult to find along the docks of Alaskan towns, situated at a similar latitude as Luleå.

Luleå is a place where the “there” is still there. I shot a few hours of video that I’ll be editing over the next few weeks so that you can see – and judge – for yourself.

Meantime, say hello to Arthur the moose – or elk as the Sami here in Swedish Lapland call them. I spent a few hours with Arthur and later, a herd of reindeer and their Sami owner. More on that later too. Stay tuned!

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