Marveling at Mont Saint Michel


What a day in Saint-Malo, France. The walled city is absolutely charming, but it’s not alone in the variety of offerings all accessible in fewer than 40 minutes from the tender landing. Across the bay is Dinard, well worth the short water shuttle transit for a walk along the coastal pathway to admire the Belle Epoque villas and exotic plants that bring to mind Provence.


Not more than 20 minutes from Saint-Malo is Cancale, where we enjoyed a shellfish lunch in an extremely charming cafe in the fishing village renowned throughout France for its oysters.

Mont Saint Michel

A drive along the Emerald Coast brought us to Mont Saint Michel, the stunning world attraction that is made even more dramatic by the fact that it is situated in a bay that is home to the largest tidal movements in Europe. Forty minutes after leaving Mont Saint Michel, we were back in Saint-Malo. Much more on the day and the destination will be reported in the coming days and weeks.

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