Endless Euphoria

Sunday afternoon, and I am strolling Rua Diogo Leite. It is here that Porto’s popular wine cellars are situated, world-renown for their ports. I’ve yet to duck into one of the cellars, Sandeman’s, for example, but I am in high spirits nonetheless.

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That’s because the sunny scene here on the River Douro is a happy one. A small band/choir performs traditional songs so lovely that the gathering crowd has a hard time moving on. Against the backdrop of the river and the colorful buildings on the hillside of the opposite bank, one woman in the choir sings loudly, and slightly off key, but with such spirited bravado that she engages the emotion.

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Once again I experience the true pleasure of travel. In A New Earth, the writer Eckhart Tolle gives one reason that travel brings such happiness. Tolle posits that a great deal of thinking, say 80 percent if you want to quantify it, is bad for us. Why? Because thinking typically takes us to the past, where regret is prone to rear its ugly head, or to the future, which is the domain of fear and uncertainty.
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During travel, much of this type of thinking is absent. Quite simply, we are content to absorb all that is new before us and live in the moment. No regrets of the past, no fears of the future. I don’t know if Tolle is right in his assumption, but I do know that I often seem to be happiest when I am in motion. How about you?

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