Canada Clinches Two Cruise Awards

In Hamburg, Germany, two Canadian destinations were recognized during Seatrade Insider’s Cruise Awards 2009.
 Ranking among the world’s top three cruise destinations in their categories: Saint John, New Brunswick, Transit Port of the Year; and Cruise The Saint Lawrence, Destination of the Year. The Saint Lawrence’s appeal for cruisers: Innu and French culture (it’s like having Europe next door), abundant marine life, natural beauty, rich heritage and friendly people. “The Saint Lawrence is untouched, unmatched, unforgettable,” says Rene Trepanier, executive director of the Cruise Saint Lawrence.
Saint John’s appeal: Bay of Fundy, highest tides in the world. Walk on the ocean floor, explore a magnificent coastline, and walk into caves carved by the Bay Fundy. “We’re our own natural Nirvana,” says Betty MacMillan, manager business development for Saint John Port Authority.

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