Bordeaux, France’s Most Beautiful City?

There is no picture from my day that would give further justification to the proclamation my ex-wife inevitably put forth each time I called her from some breath-taking place: “You want to live in every place you visit,” she rightly accused.

That occupational hazard was indeed present on this idyllic September day in Bordeaux, a city that has left me, and certainly others cruising with Regatta, euphoric and enthused. The easy life of the French, the fact that they embody le joie de vivre, their aesthetic appreciation of everything (flowers, parks, even croissants) conspired to create a vow-I’ll-come-back mood as I walked back to the ship. We depart at nine tonight, but a part of me stays behind.

I would rather live here than leave here. Is Bordeaux France’s most beautiful city? It was today.

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  • Problem with cruises and Bordeaux….takes to long to get there. It should be an overnight at the very least….or a very late departure that would let you have dinner there……


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