Seabourn Odyssey Cruise Ends In Venice

What a great cruise, what an ending. My flight to Budapest is in a few hours, and so for now, I have parked myself at a charming, canal-side table (outdoors) for an espresso and aqua frizzante. Gondoliers paddle by only at arm’s length away. Inside Grecia & Oriente Caffe, two men sit at the window, sharing a bowl of chips and sipping what appears to be Bellinis. Ah, La Dolce Vita.

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  • Ralph, I’ve enjoyed greatly all of your postings about Seabourn. Thanks for well written, thoughtful and concise commentary. Do you recommend making prior arrangements for transportation after the cruise? We are staying at the Marriott near Marco Polo and I am assuming taxis will be available at the dock. Thanks again.

    • Thanks Mark. After the cruise, there are lots of taxis available – and long lines as well because of all the ships that are in on the day your ship arrives. I believe taxis are close to 60 euros to the airport. You could also take a water taxi (for fun and some additional sight-seeing) for 90 euros. We did and enjoyed it, but it takes you to the airport and not your hotel.


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