Raimund’s Recommendations On Oasis of the Suites

Oasis features more than 2,000 balcony staterooms and more than 150 suites, but all you need is one. For the best of the best, here are the recommendations of Raimund Gschaider, project director for hotel operations for the Oasis-class vessels.

Loft Suites

Loft Suites. As the name suggests, these are upstairs/downstairs suites capable of sleeping four (parents upstairs, kids downstairs). The Loft Suites, measuring 545-square-feet, feature two bathrooms and what I believe are the tallest and deepest balconies at sea.

Loft Suite View From Top

The open space above the balconies spans two decks, allowing for plenty of sunlight and also sprawls several meters in depth and in width. (Note that the photo below was taken in late August, when Oasis was still under construction, but it illustrates the width and height of the balcony; sectional dividers were not yet in place.)

Loft Suite Balconies

The Loft Suites are functional, attractive and perfect for families of four. They’ll be in high demand, as there are only 28 Loft Suites. There are also two Sky Loft Suites, which are larger, and one Royal Loft Suite, which sleeps six and provides plenty of room for living, 1,524 square feet.

AquaTheater View

AquaTheater Suites. Prepare to pony up big, because there are only six of these, and they will feature what just may be the best views on Oasis.

“Look at that balcony,” Gschaider exclaims, “You practically own the Boardwalk.” The balcony wraps around the two sides and back of the suite, overlooking the AquaTheater, where shows are performed, the Boardwalk and the sea. You could think of the AquaTheater as a theater box for viewing the shows. Sleeps up to eight.

Raimund Gschaider

If you can’t pony up big, there are public areas with similar balcony views on decks 11, 12 and 14. (The AquaTheater Suites were still under construction when I toured the ship in late August; hence no photographs).

There are several additional categories, including 30 Grand Suites featuring one bedroom; a four-bedroom Presidential Family Suite that will sleep 14; four Family Suites; 10 Owner’s Suites; and one Royal Suite.

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