Seabourn Odyssey: Marina Mania

With new concepts often come teething pains. There is a learning process that must be endured in order to achieve perfection.

And so it was today with Seabourn Odyssey’s aft marina, where watersports are conducted (but only on certain days when the ship is at anchor).

The problem: Too many people, too little space and too little time. A fair number of the more than 400 passengers on board Seaboard Odyssey this week wanted to experience the watersports marina on the one day of the cruise when the activities were offered.

The narrow time frame, from 1 p.m. until 3:30 p.m., would mean that some passengers would be disappointed. In fact, today’s “Seabourn Herald” emphasized that space would be limited.

I’m confident Seabourn will work this out in the coming weeks. Today was only the second time the marina has been used since the vessel’s launch. A wider time-frame could possibly remedy the problem, but for now, my advice is to arrive early and sign up right away for the activities you want to experience.

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