Seabourn Odyssey: From My Balcony

From my balcony: on the way to Kotor, Montenegro.

Posted from my Blackberry.

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  • Ralph, Great updates! Looks like you are having wonderful weather. A couple questions if you have time – What’s the stability like on the Odyssey compared to other cruise ships you have been on in similar conditions? Is the service up to expected standards with the greater number of passengers? I imagine all suites are occupied. Thanks.

    • Hi Mark, Thanks for the great feedback! Gorgeous weather, and smooth sailing. I mean really smooth. The stability is incredible, not that we’ve had rough seas or anything like that. But we have been on the open seas with some high winds, and you would hardly have known it. She is a smooth-sailing vessel. You’re right, the suites are all occupied, though some with only singles, so we’re not at full capacity, but near it. The first night, service seemed a bit stressed and not as attentive as you would expect. But boy have they have made up for it. Excellent crew and outstanding service – very personable and professional. You know, this ship was not ready when it came out of the shipyard. I was told that the staff helped moved furniture and even heavy machinery onto the ship – without the elevators being functional! They formed a human conveyor of sorts for a period of some days to make the launch deadline. Even the company prez, Pam Conover, was on board to help do the manual labor. The amazing thing was that everyone chipped in and not one person quit out of frustration on the long (14 to 16 hour days). That’s the type of crew we’re talking about. More to come.


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