Getting Off The Beaten Bath: Detoured In Dubrovnik

If a picture is indeed worth a thousand words, then these reveal much about our day in Dubrovnik.

Several ships had disgorged thousands of passengers into the picturesque old town.

I had looked forward to walking the city walls, as I had done years ago, but once I saw the crowds, my only ambition was to get outside the city walls as quickly as possible.

I did just that and began to make my way up the side streets and walkways until I was 15 minutes or so away from the bustle below. I was rewarded with a spectacular view of the old city and the Seabourn Odyssey (left) far below.

I found walkways far from the crowd back in the old town. Where two paths diverged, a local pedestrian, unaccustomed to seeing tourists so far off the beaten path, asked if I needed help. I told him I was trying to get lost — deliberately. He understood and approved. “It’s impossible to really get lost here,” he said. “Dubrovnik is so small.”

I found my way back down to the old town, but 10 minutes or so before the city wall, I passed a small cafe. The open patio and the frosty glasses of beer were too much to resist. Sometimes to get the best experience possible from a place, it’s important to permit yourself to be detoured.

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  • Wow! I didn’t think about the crowds from other ships. The wall looks pretty interesting and hopefully we’ll be able to walk it as you once did. Is it similar to the wall around Rothenberg ob der Tauber? We enjoyed walking that several years ago. This wall looks considerably higher based upon your photos. What a wonderful view.

    • Similar, but higher, I think. I walked the Rothenberg wall in 1990.


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