Celebrating Norway’s National Day

Celebrating National Day, originally uploaded by Ralph Grizzle.

Ah, but to be Norwegian, particularly on Norway’s National Day, which took place yesterday under sunny skies in Oslo. It’s hard to imagine any ceremony that could make a citizen more proud of his or her country. The whole city turned out. At least it seemed that way. Men, women and children wore national costumes as they paraded down Karl Johans Gate (Oslo’s main street) waving Norway’s flag and shouting in appreciation of their nation, “Hipp Hurra!”

Celebrating National Day

I was one of the few fortunate enough to obtain special seats in front of the Royal Palace to watch as parade participants marched up Karl Johans Gate to the Royal Palace, where they were received by the Royal Family standing on the front balcony, waving to the crowd.

Celebrating National Day

The event, marking the day in 1814 when Norway adopted its new Constitution, is celebrated across the nation.

Celebrating National Day

The weather forecast had not been good, but the day turned out to be a beautiful one, with lots of sunshine and brilliant blue skies.

Celebrating National Day

It’s too late to take part in Norway’s National Day celebrations this year but not too early to begin planning to attend the events next year. Cruise ships often dock near the city center, so that you can easily walk into the heart of Oslo. Of course, the city is also a great destination to spend a few days before or after your cruise in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

View a Flickr slideshow of yesterday’s events in Oslo.

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