Cuba may soon be free, for travel

Moncada_barracks Cuba

U.S. President Barack Obama recently announced that travel restrictions to Cuba will be eased for people with relatives on the island, and that has generated some substantial guessing over when Cuba will be opened for general travel as well. It seems to be just a formality or two away, and when it does come to pass, cruise ships will probably be among the first to bring American tourists to the Cuba, which was, of course, a resort destination prior to the Communist revolution of the late 1950s.

Perfectly positioned as a port of call for cruises in and out of South Florida, Cuba does not currently have the infrastructure to welcome the super-mega-ships that are cruising now, but one suspects that this is the sort of investment that the island would expedite in exchange for all the dollars that a U.S. cruise ship can deliver to a port of call. While Canadians and Europeans have been free to explore and enjoy Cuba all along, we know there are plenty of Americans who are looking forward to picking up a box of cigars and perhaps sipping a strong coffee somewhere in Havana.

How about you? Do you plan to visit Cuba, and if so, will you cruise there?

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