Sea Dreaming


Bettina Fischer is living her dream — literally.

Interviewed on SeaDream I, anchored in the turquoise waters off the coast of Tortola, the 36-year-old from Bonn, Germany, says she spent quite a lot of time dreaming about her vacation (with her boyfriend) — and then proceeded to live the dream once on board.

“I imagined where we were going to sit (their favorite area: the open-deck area known as Top of the Yacht) and what it would feel like to be sitting there,” she says. The affable young lady says she even went as far as to imagine what it would feel like to ride the gentle swell of the sea with a light breeze blowing while she slept under the stars on one night of her cruise.

Fischer used resources such as photos and deck plans to envision SeaDream I, so that she had a good idea of the vessel’s layout even before stepping on board. More importantly, her research allowed her to begin to feel the experience of sailing, even before leaving Bonn.

“I always begin by looking at travel magazines and brochures to try to get a picture of what I would like to do,” she says. “Once I decide on a trip, I then occupy my mind on where I am going to be, what I am going to do and what it’s going to feel like.” She says allowing herself to imagine so vividly fills her with a sense of enchantment about the journey.

Fischer and her boyfriend also spent time thinking what would constitute not only a perfect cruise but also a perfect vessel. “SeaDream I was very close to what we could imagine would be the perfect ship for us,” she says. “It was pretty much like I dreamed it would be — only better.”

What about you? Do you spend time dreaming of your trips or imaging what it will be like once under way? Does doing so enhance your vacation?

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