It’s Friday, Must Be Tortola


Here at Soper’s Hole, in the British Virgin Islands, it’s hard to believe it’s Friday, a workday mind you. The tiny harbor is bustling with leisure boats, coming and going, some setting sail under the gentle breeze. It is a playful and carefree atmosphere, with dolphins frolicking astern of SeaDream I, one of the few passenger vessels able to get into this secluded bay in Tortola.

Leaning on the railing, looking out on this beautiful bay reminds me of the famous signature phrase uttered by Mad magazine’s fictional mascot Alfred E. Neuman, “What? Me Worry?” Indeed, the “real” world and its concerns seem far, far away.

This evening, we drop anchor in Great Harbor at Jost Van Dyke, with tenders operating on a continuous basis between SeaDream I and Foxy’s, the famous watering hole.

Visiting the smaller ports is an experience that the big cruise ships just can’t offer to their guests. But then, we’re not cruising; we’re yachting.

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