Eggs and Sausage, Brian and the Tabasco Tango

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A sailing on SeaDream leaves many indelible images, but one of the most memorable for me, oddly enough, takes the form of a Tabasco bottle.  

After placing on my table a plate of sunny-side-up eggs and link sausage, Brian, the ever-smiling waiter, asked if I would care for anything else. When I requested Tabasco sauce, he returned with the bottle, then did something I was not expecting. He twisted the cap and gently placed it and the bottle on my table.

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Brian’s service gesture was amplified many times during the week on SeaDream I. It was such a small thing, yet so big. SeaDream’s staff seems to forever search for ways to surprise guests with examples of exemplary service.

The thing is, that none of their efforts seem contrived or scripted. “You get the impression that they genuinely love their jobs,” says Bettina, who traveled from Bonn, Germany, to sail on SeaDream this week, with her boyfriend.

While special service touches  – chilled towels, water spritzes by the pool and the like – have become de facto for luxury vacation providers, SeaDream’s staff seems to function more spontaneously than other luxury operators and with some degree of autonomy.

Dorothy, a publicist from New York, was sunning by the pool when Felix, a deck steward, approached her and asked to borrow her sunglasses. She submitted to his request but thought it was odd, until she saw Felix pull out a bottle of cleaner and a cloth to polish her sunglasses. Noting that she also had a pair of reading glasses dangling around her neck, Felix cleaned those too.

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This morning, Mike, another waiter on board, walked the outdoor dining area wishing each table he approached a good morning. He greeted each person by name, a remarkable feat when you consider there are typically more than 100 guests on board.

Perhaps it’s having one of the industry’s highest staff-to-guest ratios that makes SeaDream’s service so exemplary (nearly one staff for every guest), but of course what it really comes down to is the staff’s good attitudes and a desire to make people’s vacations extra special that makes the SeaDream experience so special.

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