Water, Water Everywhere

The novelist Selma Lagerlof once referred to Stockholm as “the city that floats on water.” Built on 14 islands, Stockholm does indeed appear to be floating, particularly on the endless summer days, when the sunlight shimmers on the rippling waters.

Stockholm is a city of islands.

Water, in fact, is a key ingredient in the recipe that makes up Stockholm’s beauty, and there are quite a few ways to appreciate the Swedish capital from the water.

Canal cruises are among the many tours offered on the water.

One is to get out on a boat. You’ll find no shortage of canal tours and city tours in Stockholm. Boats are bountiful — in part, because before the bridges were built, boats used to be the only way to get around the islands.

Many of the boats are as beautiful as Stockholm, particularly the coal-fired steamers.

There’s plenty to explore while a?oat, as Stockholm is at the juncture of Lake Malaren that stretches 60 miles in one direction, and a 50-mile archipelago that leads to the Baltic Sea.

With a license, waders and a fishing rod, you can cast in the city center.

You could also get in the water to experience Stockholm. All you have to do is pull on some waders and obtain a ?shing license, and you may be lucky enough to pull out a 20-pound salmon — next to the Royal Palace in the city center.

Tasty Scandinavian salmon.

Dinner doesn’t get any fresher or any more local than this.

Stockholm’s maritime ?avor mixes with a very chic and cosmopolitan cool to create a dreamy atmosphere that makes you feel as if you were ?oating. And more than you may realize, you are.

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