Stockholm, The ‘Capital of Scandinavia’

You saw the movie Mamma Mia, right? If not, surely you know some of the lyrics to the many Abba tunes that became worldwide hits.

But Abba is only one of Sweden’s exports to the world. Others include safe cars, like SAAB and Volvo; Swedish meatballs; Absolut vodka; the Nobel prize; IKEA; Bjorn Bjorg; Swedish beauty; and much more.

Brand Sweden

Today, “Brand Sweden” ranks among the world’s top ten strongest brands, according to the annual Country Brand Index.

Perhaps nowhere is the country’s brand stronger or more apparent than in the nation’s capital. Walk through Stockholm, and you can feel its vibrant pulse.

Swedish beauty

The sidewalks resemble fashion runways, with style-conscious Swedes impeccably dressed. Almost anywhere you go, interiors are fashionable, cozy and candelit.


Cuisine is world-class, with some of Europe’s best restaurants and chefs.

Stylish and sleek, simple yet sophisticated, Stockholm once ruled empires vast and wide. Today, the former Viking village is the self-proclaimed “Capital of Scandinavia.”

And why not? Centrally located, Sweden’s capital city is a Nordic hub both in business and in culture. Instead of Stockholmers going abroad for a fix of glamor and sophistication, visitors are coming to Stockholm for a taste of the international high life.

With such attention, Stockholmers must feel like humming the Abba hit, “The winner takes it all.”

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