Islands In The Stream: The Archipelago

Stockholm’s residents enjoy the fact that their city is situated on 14 islands, but should that number ever prove to be insufficient, not to worry: At Stockholm’s doorstep are roughly 30,000 islands, islets and rocks – all within easy access of the Swedish capital.

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During the summer, the locals take to the archipelago every time they get the opportunity. Nothing makes a Stockholm city dweller happier than to board a boat or a ferry and set a course to one of their idyllic islands in the stream.

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Likewise, cruise passengers departing from or approaching Stockholm are rewarded with something they just can’t get elsewhere: a leisurely transit of one of earth’s most beautiful passages.

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Those who have seen the Norwegian and Chilean fjords, cruised the coast of Alaska and sojourned the world’s other scenic waterways simply must add Stockholm’s archipelago to their must-see lists.

Stretching 50 miles from Stockholm’s city center to the Baltic Sea, the archipelago is both sublime and serene. Cast against a rosy sunrise that comes as early as 3:30 a.m. in midsummer, some of the islands are uninhabited, rocky outcrops that are homes to birds. To witness the stillness of the morning sky and the water lapping against the rocky shoreline makes it worth setting your alarm clock to rise with the sun.


Other islands are dotted with cottages that are exquisitely charming and picturesque, with red plank siding trimmed in white, adorned with flowers and the ever-present blue and yellow Swedish flag.

You could spend an entire summer hopping the islands in the archipelago. And it all starts with just one sunrise in these idyllic islands in the stream.

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