Stockholm, Floating On Water

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Founded in 1200, Stockholm started out as a port destination. Built on 14 islands, Sweden’s capital city often is called the “City That Floats On Water.” The Baltic Sea meets Lake Malaren in Stockholm’s Old Town, giving the city not only a reach into the Swedish countryside but also to the rest of the world via the sea. The waterways have always served as important transport lanes to and from the city.

The journey to Stockholm’s city center begins nearly 50 miles east, at the tip of a beautiful archipelago comprised of 30,000 islands, islets and rocks. Many of the islands are uninhabited, rocky outcrops that are homes only to birds. Others have quaint red-and-white Swedish cottages.

Once docked at one of several locations in Stockholm, cruise passengers find it easy to make their way (by foot or taxi) to Stockholm’s Old Town and the city’s other attractions. Ships too large to navigate the archipelago safely must dock one hour’s bus ride away.

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