Natural Beauty At The Parks


Many of the port destinations in the Baltic Cruising region are walkable cities. Pedestrian streets and parks allow visitors to escape traffic.

Stockholm’s National City Park, for example, offers a unique mixture of nature and culture, including four Royal Palaces. A recreation area for city residents and visitors alike, it stretches right through the middle of the city.

Kaivopuisto Park is Helsinki’s oldest and best-known park. The sea, rock cliffs and green lawns offer many opportunities to relax and enjoy the outdoors. At the highest point of the park is the Ursa Observatory. There are several cafés and restaurants along the shore and on the islands.

Klaipeda’s Curonian Spit is a nature preserve on a narrow peninsula stretching from Klaipeda to the Russian border and featuring Europe’s highest sand dunes (earning it the nickname, the Lithuanian Sahara).

The nature preserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as are the following Baltic Sea sites:

Suomenlinna fortress

Suomenlinna Fortress, one of the world’s largest maritime fortresses, founded in 1748 and built on six islands off the coast of Helsinki;

Visby and its two-mile-long stone town wall, with nearly 200 stone buildings that have survived since the 12th and 13th centuries;

Tallinn, featuring Northern Europe’s best preserved old town;

Stockholm’s Drottningholms Slott och Slottsteater, residence of the Royal Family;

and Karlskrona’s well-preserved dockyards dating back from the 17th and 18th century.

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