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For cruise passengers, most of the Baltic Sea ports are close to the city centers and attractions. Many piers and terminals are within walking distance of the city centers. Others are only a short transit away.

Public transport in the Baltic Sea region is safe, reliable, clean and cheap. Of the to turn-around ports Copenhagen and Stockholm, Copenhagen has the fastest and cheapest airport-to-city-center rail link of any European capital: just 13 minutes and about US $5. Its primary cruise terminal, Langelinie, is within walking distance of the major sites in Copenhagen. Some ships dock at Freeport Cruise Terminal, a 10- to 15-minute shuttle or taxi ride away from the city center.

Stockholm’s city center can be reached from the airport in about 20 minutes on the Arlanda Express for under $30 per person. Stockholm has numerous docking facilities, with the farthest being a one-hour transit away from the city center. Most ships, however, dock at the city center, within walking distance of Stockholm’s primary attractions.

In some port destinations, cycling is popular. In Copenhagen, for example, you will find cycle paths alongside virtually every street, as well as free city bikes available to borrow from stands throughout the city from spring to autumn.

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