Kalmar, Hanseatic Homestead


One of Sweden’s oldest cities, Kalmar’s port activities date back more than 1,000 years. In the Middle Ages, the port played an important role with its strategic location on the Kalmarsund trade route. Trade with the Hanseatic League was robust, imbuing Kalmar with Germanic atmosphere.

The Port of Kalmar is situated in a sheltered position, adjacent to the shipping lane in Kalmar Sound. The port can be approached from either north or south. On the northern approach cruise passengers see Borgholm Castle before passing under Öland’s bridge – one of the longest bridges in Europe. Arriving from the south, Kalmar Castle (pictured) greets cruise passengers.

Smaller and medium sized cruise ships moor at the quay in the middle of the town, while larger cruise ships anchor just south of the port and must tender passengers ashore. The quay and tender landing are situated within walking distance to shops and cafés. Walking distance to the Old Town, Kalmar Castle and the town park is ten minutes.

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