Tunis, Tunisia

Tunis, Tunisia, originally uploaded by Ralph Grizzle.

The view from my balcony while docked in Tunis may not be the most picturesque port this ship has seen, but the distant mountains are beautiful as the sun sets, and the capital city itself was full of beauty and surprises on Azamara’s first call in Africa.

Many passengers opted for shore excursions from the ship, but others negotiated with taxi drivers near the modern and clean terminal.

The better deals were to be had just outside the terminal gates. My taxi driver told me that taxis inside the gate had to pay 20 euros for the privilege of being inside the terminal gates, so naturally prices were higher inside.

I paid 25 euros for a 90-minute private taxi tour of the highlights – Sid Bou Said, with its blue and white sugar cube houses perched on the hillside overlooking the sea; Carthage, founded in 800 B.C., where Hannibal began his legendary journey; and Medina, the old town.

Little, if anything, is within comfortable walking distance of the terminals, so it’s best to take a tour or hire a taxi.

The terminal has good shops and internet access – terminals and WiFi. I paid 2.5 euros for one hour of broadband WiFi (the ship’s internet has been down all week – note, the ship’s internet was restored on the last day of the cruise).


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