Transferring From Shore To Ship In Athens

Want a cheap way to transfer from Athens International Airport to your hotel in the city center or your ship in Piraeus?

Stop by the Athens Public Transportation kiosk in the baggage claim area in the arrivals terminal. The metro to the city center or Pireaus: only 6 euros per person.

If going to your ship, better to take the direct bus X96 to Piraeus, however. That way you don’t have to change metro lines and the cost for the up to 90-minute transfer: only 3.20 euros.

From Athens’ city center to Piraeus by Metro is only 80 euro cents. Make sure you know where to locate your ship, likely in either Terminal A or Terminal B, a healthy walk from the Metro station in Piraeus. Better to transfer from the Metro station by bus or taxi to your ship. I walked all the way to Terminal B, 30 minutes, but pleasant. Thank god for rolling luggage.

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