Cruising & Cycling Europe’s Rivers

Bridge with Bikes

On tap for European river cruises: more choices of pre- and post-cruise tours, more special interest programs and more bicycles. Yes, more bicycles.

cyclingRiver cruise companies continue to add bicycles and bicycling excursions to their programs. Amadeus Waterways, for example, carries about 50 bicycles for passengers to use on its ships. Uniworld River Cruises offers cycling excursions (see Pedaling Along The Danube) as does Peter Deilmann River Cruises.

River cruises have all the advantages of a bus tour — in that you get to visit the European capitals and major cities — but without the hassle of having to change hotels or deal with your luggage, or let’s face it, endure the bus ride.

River cruises also are a bit like ocean cruises ­— you sail from one destination to the next — but unlike ocean cruises, which disgorge passengers by tender and tour bus, river cruisers disembark passengers within walking distance of city centers and major attractions. Put a bike on a boat, and you have a match made in heaven.

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