Vacation Planner: Bay Of Fundy’s Top 10 Shore Excursions

Start planning your Bay of Fundy getaway now by checking off the activities and attractions that appeal most to you.

St. Martins & The Bay of Fundy – Perched on the shores of the Bay of Fundy, the picturesque fishing village of St. Martins is home to a quaint harbour, with its lighthouse, covered bridges, lobster traps and fishing boats creating a charming scene; and the rocky beach is renowned for the echoing caves that the Bay of Fundy tides have carved from the sandstone cliffs.

The Bay of Fundy at Fundy National Park – Led by a National Park Interpreter, this excursion uncovers how the world’s highest tides contribute to an incredible coastal environment that presents remarkable challenges to the animals, plants and people they touch. This in-depth exploration of this beautiful national park reveals the unique eco-systems that surround the Bay of Fundy.

The Hopewell Rocks & the Bay of Fundy – Experience the world’s highest tides at the renowned Hopewell Rocks, the icon of New Brunswick. At high tide, see tiny islands in the Bay, and at low tide, walk on the ocean floor in the shadows of the majestic flower-pot rocks and realize that those tiny islands are actually the tops of the rocks towering more than 40 feet above your head.

The Bay of Fundy Up Close – At the New Brunswick Museum, an interpreter reveals the wonders of the Bay of Fundy and the forces that work together to create the highest tides in the world and phenomenon such as the Reversing Falls Rapids. Then board a sightseeing boat for an even closer look at the Bay of Fundy and the famous Reversing Falls Rapids.

Fundy Tides & Treasures – Explore the Bay of Fundy coast and the charming village of St. Martins with a dynamic local artist who incorporates treasures found on the beaches of the Bay into her art jewelry. In addition to visiting local sights, stroll along the beach to search for your own unique treasure and take your find to a local art studio to create a one-of-a-kind memento.

Irving Nature Park – The Bay of Fundy boasts one of the earth’s richest marine eco-systems. Following your naturalist guides, embark on a walk at the Irving Nature Park that will reveal to you the richness of intertidal life, the flora and fauna found within an Acadian Forest, and a breathtaking, rugged coastline teeming with birds and other wildlife.

Ride the Rapids – The Reversing Falls Rapids are created where the highest tides in the world meet the force of the mighty St. John River. On board a jet boat, power through the famous Reversing Falls Rapids for a thrilling 20 minute ride, and get an excellent view of the powerful whirlpools swirling about and the waves towering around you.

“Whale of a Time” at the New Brunswick Museum – Join museum educators in the Hall of Great Whales and become a marine biologist for a day. Put on your lab coat and gloves, see and touch specimens and skeletons from the Museum’s study collection, and learn the stories of the North Atlantic Right Whale and other whales who summer in the Bay of Fundy.

St. Andrews by-the-Sea – Travel along the Bay of Fundy coast to St. Andrews by-the-Sea, a charming seaside resort town that was a favorite summer retreat for Canada’s upper classes in the late 19th century and continues to be one of the best-preserved examples of colonial heritage in North America, whose buildings now house shops featuring works of local artisans.

Harbour Cruise & City Highlights – Explore the city’s highlights by land, including Fallsview Park, where the mighty St. John River meets the powerful tides of the Bay of Fundy, creating the renowned Reversing Falls Rapids. Next, board a sightseeing tour boat and set sail on the Bay of Fundy for a view of the rapids from sea level and a cruise around the Saint John Harbour.

Other Shore Excursions in Saint John Include:
• Saint John City Highlights Tour
• Trolley ‘Round Saint John
• Saint John Photography Tour
• Bicycle Tour of Covered Bridges
• Coastal Kayaking & Lobster Bake
• Flowers, Farms & New Brunswick Charms
• And more.

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