Bay of Fundy: New Shore Excursion

Hopewell High TideTwice a day, the world’s most turbulent tides rise and fall,transporting more than 100 billion tons of water in and out of the bay. The tidal surges leave the stunningly beautiful Hopewell Rocks high and dry — then, hours later, immerse their huge trunks under water. At low tide, walk on the ocean floor and gaze up at the rocks to the tideline,towering 48 feet above your head — roughly the same height as a four-story building!

Hopewell Low Tide

The shape and dimensions of the Bay of Fundy are responsible for this exclusive bay phenomenon. The water actually piles up in the bay as the shore grows narrower. The Bay of Fundy “funnel” squeezes the water, forcing it higher and higher, as the gravitational energy of the sun and the moon pull the ocean water.

In New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy, you can walk on the ocean floor, explore magnificent coastline, wander into caves carved by the tides, witness the phenomenon created by the tides at the Reversing Falls and much more.

Two high and low tides are visible each 24-hour period. Time between a high tide and a low tide is, on average, six hours and 13 minutes. You can expect to see at least one high and one low tide during daylight hours. High and low tide times move ahead approximately one hour daily, and tide times vary slightly for different locations around the Bay.

Saint John, the Fundy City, is your port of call when your ship anchors in the Bay of Fundy. Steeped in 400 years of rich history, Saint John offers the old-world charm of a historic seaport and a base for exciting Bay of Fundy eco-adventures that offer a wide variety of unique and unforgettable experiences to explore this marine wonder of the world.


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