Last week’s question: The photo above was taken four years ago, but where? Obviously in a shipyard, but one not accustomed to building cruise ships. There is a great story behind this photo. It’s a happy story despite some tragedy. Tune in next week for the answer and the story.

Answer: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Shipyard in Nagasaki, Japan. The ship is Sapphire Princess. It had originally been named Diamond Princess, but in October 2002, fire broke out, destroying much of the ship’s interior and naturally delaying Diamond Princess’ debut scheduled for July 2003.

Diamond Princess, however, was one of two new ships under construction. The shipyard was in the early phases on Sapphire Princess, which was to debut in May 2004, so workers sped up production on that ship and the names were swapped so that the Sapphire (formerly Diamond) entered service as scheduled and Diamond (formerly Sapphire) entered service several months (instead of a year or more) late.

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