Chasing The Wind

Proof that the sails really do work. Wind Surf is exceptionally beautiful when under full sail. In this video just off the coast of St. Kitts, we follow Wind Surf in a small boat as she heads for Nevis.

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One Comment

  • Just returned from the Windsurf and we did enjoy the cruise HOWEVER
    there was a different feel aboard this beautiful Sailing vessel. New owners have improved the amenities in the staterooms but other things have turned our 4th Windstar cruise into what might be our last. Who decides how close to shore the boat is moored? Is the closer you are to shore the more it cost? If that is the case “Penny Wise Pound Foolish” The Windstar is forgetting that it is the people aboard that will suffer from having to ride their tender for 20-30 minutes to get to shore. Spending less than a full day in St Barts was less than thrilling for even me. Il des Saint – what a waste of time!!! Nevis – If we did not have friends staying there there is not much to do there. St Maarten beaches were crowded and chairs were impossible to obtain. The feeling of being on your own Yacht somehow escaped me this trip. Escaping to Islands that the BIG SHIPS can’t go seemed to be forgotten as what separates Windstar from other cruise lives. Tours, I heard some horror stories of the tour that gave them great views of local dumpsters. Nor much went into making sure that it was worth offering. Scuba – Many people I have met during our 4 cruises with Windstar are avid divers. Not having Certified Divers aboard is a Big Mistake and for those who love the sport will think twice than to book on the Windstar when it downgraded that activity. The last 3 cruises when we had a Team of Certified Dive Instructors on board there was an excitement when we used to meet in the library and signed up with Randy and Barbara. At least 20 people came to the dive meeting where we met many people from past cruises who you remembered. When you choose a dive company you better make sure they live up to the standards that Windstar portrays as 180 degrees from ordinary – 180 degrees from what??? They took a 360 degree turn for the worst on to many things. I used to rave about the food on board the Windstar – This year we were really disappointed in the quality of the food served. It used to feel more personalized and and now seems more commercial. Service during dinner!!! There was a disconnect somewhere in the dining room. Service was slow and the kitchen could not keep up with the demand. Maybe we should get Gordon Ramsay to help them out or find out what they are doing wrong and certainly what they can do better. I believe they should could better tours for the guests of the Windstar than what was presented on our last cruise. One more positive is the STAFF. These men and women could not do much more to please every guest on board. As I said in the earlier, had fun-could have been better –I only hope they don’t get worse before they figure it out.


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