We're a father-daughter team providing you with free resources and advice to make informed cruise travel decisions.


Confused by the abundance in cruise choices? Do you need help determining which ship and which itinerary would be best for you? Want to know how to select a stateroom that works for your budget and won’t cramp your style? We can help with these decisions too. Our goal is to help you get on a ship and an itinerary that works for you.

Cruise Reviews

We provide unbiased cruise reviews & personalized recommendations for cruise ships worldwide. We specialize in small ships, mid-size ships, expedition cruises and river cruises.

Port Profiles

Port Profiles were designed to provide you with resources that will enhance your experiences ashore at both transit ports and embarkation ports

Virtual Voyages

Designed to highlight must-see destinations and itineraries that remain exclusive to the cruise industry, Avid Cruiser Virtual Voyages takes you along with us off the beaten path.


Don't have the time to read all of the information here is Avid Cruiser? Take along one of our informative podcast with you on the road.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance may be the most important part of your trip. Should you have insurance at all and what should you do if you decide to get travel insurance.

River Cruises

We provide information on river cruises including, pricing, booking your trip, where to go and many other topics to help you have an amazing experience.

We are Ralph Grizzle and Britton Frost:

Build The Perfect Cruise

While cruise ships can take you anywhere and everywhere, deciding where to go and when to go can often be overwhelming. That’s where we come in. Along with my daughter Britton Frost, our mission is to empower consumers like you to make informed cruise travel decisions.

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The Latest From Our Blog

Ralph Grizzle

Is This The End Of Cruising As We Know It?

If you’re waiting for the end of Covid-19 before you resume cruising, I have bad news for you: According to experts coronavirus is not going to end anytime soon. Is there a way we can enjoy the “new normal” of river cruising? Here’s my story.

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Britton Frost

Is Viking Orion The Safest Ship At Sea?

After almost a year and a half without stepping foot on a ship, I was invited on an ocean cruise. I emphasize ocean because I have had the privilege of taking four cruises, both river and ocean, within the span of just over two months. The first cruise that I took this year was a river cruise. The return to river cruising did not seem nearly as daunting as the return to ocean cruising did. When I got the invite from a river cruise company I automatically said yes, but when it came to ocean cruises I was a bit more hesitant. My main concern? My safety.

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