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Geoff Edwards, A Laugh A Minute

Geoff Edwards

Geoff is a veteran radio and television broadcaster with an Emmy and an Emmy nomination. Geoff is an experienced world traveler and avid cruiser whose sense of humor adds a special flavor to each travel experience.

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Recent posts by Geoff Edwards

  • theavidcruiser

    He was wonderful – in person and in print and on television. Sad day …

  • Jill Weinlein

    I am so sad to hear about the loss of Geoff Edwards. He was quite a wonderful character. A great travel writer.

  • beek

    RIP Geoff

  • mlechman

    Well I remember Geoff fondly from Starcade, where he was the last (and best) host of the video-game game show. He was personable, he knew about the games and actually seemed to enjoy being there. In fact, I’m watching an old episode right now! Thanks for some great childhood memories, Geoff! You still rock!

  • Dave Lewis

    My fondest memories of Geoff come from his time on KMPC. Did he follow Dick Whittighill? I forget who came on after. Was it Owens, Ira Cook, Roger Carroll? Johnny Magnus was nights, wasn’t he? Thanks, Geoff, for all the many hours of entertainment!!!

  • Tom

    Geoff is truly a legend. I remember watching Geoff as a young child enjoying The New Treasure Hunt, Jackpot and Play the Percentages. Those are great memories. Game shows were so much fun to watch in those glory days. Geoff’s talents as a superior host was the key to making these shows such a pleasure to watch. Geoff is from a generation of the greatest broadcasters ever to share their talents on television and radio. I wish you well Geoff! I’d love to see you back on television.

  • plumbing

    Yeah! He’s very famous, it really matters that he has a lot in this industry.
    I bet he could do more.