From Spain To Stockholm: Fred. Olsen’s Summer 2011 Lineup

Europe is, without a doubt, the hottest cruise destination out there. Lines are deploying ships in record numbers to the region, and the variety of itineraries on offer is unprecedented. Cruisers looking for a fully immersive European experience may want to cruise on a Europe-based line, such as UK-based Fred. Olsen Cruises. Whereas mainstream North American lines… [Read More]

Discovering Europe with Fred. Olsen

There’s no denying it: The European cruise market is hot. Even so, North American cruisers remain largely unaware of the niche lines that ply European waters year-round, long after the mainstream North American lines have sailed back to the Caribbean. Fred. Olsen Cruises is one such line. Norwegian in heritage but based out of the… [Read More]

A Year Of Living Lavishly


2010 was an event-filled year for the ever-so-grateful-for-his-career Avid Cruiser. Here are some of the travel highlights with links to relevant photos, videos and posts: February. Flew to Italy – twice. Once was to cruise on Costa Delizioso, which I thought sounded like an Olive Garden entree. On that cruise, from Venice to Genoa, I… [Read More]

Video: Return Trip Reykjavik On The Golden Circle Tour

Starting at 8 in the morning, we would spend the next eight hours on what is probably the most popular of Iceland’s shore excursions: The Golden Circle Tour. Cruise lines may call the tour something different, but no matter what it’s called, the tour makes a wide sweep to visit three significant attractions near Reykjavik…. [Read More]

Video: The Stunningly Beautiful Faroe Islands

Decades ago, I was leafing through the pages of National Geographic magazine when I came upon a photograph of a grass-roofed house in the Faroe Islands. The image of that fairy-tale-like home engaged my imagination, and thus began my desire to visit the exotic cluster of islands that had etched an indelible image in my mind. Read more  of… [Read More]

New ‘Friends’ In Nuuk, Greenland’s Capital

Qilakitsoq mummies at Nuuk's National Museum

A couple of weeks ago, I visited Nuuk, Greenland’s capital. Nuuk is a cruise destination and a fascinating port of call. The old Colonial Harbor is immensely historic. There, you’ll find the home of Hans Egede, the Danish-Norwegian founder of Nuuk. Nearby, you’ll also find The National Museum, where the Qilakitsoq mummies are eerily well-preserved…. [Read More]

Icebergs In Ilulissat, Greenland: A Day In Disko Bay

Icebergs On the Horizon

We had big plans on the morning that Discovery delivered us to Ilulissat. The Arctic town is the staging ground for one of the world’s most beautiful natural attractions, the iceberg-choked Disko Bay. In fact, in the Greenlandic language, Ilulissat means icebergs. The spectacle is so beautiful and the region such a treasure that it was… [Read More]