On Live Voyage Reports: Cruising Cuba, A Day At Sea And A Look At Louis Cristal


Exploring Cuba Cruise’s Louis Cristal At Sea January 14, 2014 Cuba Cruise’s Louis Cristal is sailing the Caribbean Sea for Antilla, Bahia de Nipe today. At a distance of 443 nautical miles from Havana, Antilla will be our gateway to the inland city of Holguin, which was originally founded in 1545 as San Isidoro de… [Read More]

On Live Voyage Reports: Cuba Cruise, The Ultimate Private Island Experience


The Ultimate Private Island Experience January 12, 2014 Today is all about relaxation aboard Cuba Cruise’s Louis Cristal. Just after 9 a.m., we arrived at our anchorage off Punta Frances on Cuba’s Isla de la Juventud – or ‘Isle of Youth.’ The largest Cuban island, the Isle of Youth is situated on the southwestern edge… [Read More]