In Denmark, Helsingør (Elsinore) Inaugurates A Harbor Perfect For Small Luxury Vessels

Cultural Harbor Kronborg Inauguration

Providing easy access for cruise passengers, Culture Harbor Kronborg is a new international cultural area that links the new small, ship harbor with Helsingør’s city center and Hamlet’s castle (yes, the one that inspired Shakespeare).

Avid Cruiser Voyages: Baltic Cruises

The best reason to visit Silkeborg, Denmark, near the town of Aarhus: the well-preserved visage of the Tollund Man. Photo ©  Aaron Saunders

Baltic cruises are among my favorite. From the opulent palaces of the Tsars in St. Petersburg to Stockholm’s breathtaking harbor and Copenhagen’s spectacular Tivoli Gardens, few cruising regions offer such diverse treasures as the Baltic. Best of all, most ships dock in the center of the cities and towns, allowing you to hop off and explore on your own. In many ways,… [Read More]

Baltic Shore Excursions: Doing Berlin Justice With Pre- And Post-Cruise Stayovers

Brandenburg Gate

A friend of mine recently referred to Berlin as Europe’s most eclectic city. Certainly, it is hard to think of another European city that was as divided as Berlin — and with the United States, Great Britain, France and Russia controlling the various sectors. All have left their influences as have the great tragedies that… [Read More]

New TV Series: The Avid Cruiser Takes On Copenhagen

Trouble viewing the video? If all you get is a string of strange-looking code above this line, click here. This summer, along with a small team of videographers, I started a new project for Royal Caribbean called “The Avid Cruiser Takes On [Insert Your Destination Here].” We’re creating 10-minute travel shows featuring cruise destinations primarily… [Read More]

Cruise Copenhagen, Longer Season, More Christmas Cruises, Record Numbers


At Cruise Shipping Miami, Tivoli guards flown in from Copenhagen by Scandinavian Airlines. Copenhagen continues to prove itself as an extremely popular cruise destination. The Danish capital is poised to welcome 840,000 passengers on 376 ships, both records. The cruise season is also extending, with the first ship calling on April 6 and the last… [Read More]

Sønderborg, Denmark: EU Capital of Culture 2017?


Pictured from left, Tanja Maria Have and Karsten Justen of Sønderborg Business & Tourism Center. Situated in the south of Denmark, Sønderborg is a runner-up for the European Capital of Culture 2017. Offering both culture and history, Sønderborg is represented at Cruise Shipping Miami in an effort to attract cruise ships to call on this… [Read More]