Day 8 On Silver Shadow: Jumping Off In Jakarkta & A Special Air Offer On The New Silver Discoverer

Silver Shadow, Bali To Singapore

I’ve spoken to several people on my Silver Shadow voyage from Bali to Singapore who share a common sentiment: After getting a taste of Indonesia, they would not want to travel here on land-based vacations. Indeed, having done Indonesia both by land and sea, I am in consensus with those who I have spoken with. Perhaps it… [Read More]

Day 6 On Silver Shadow: The Buddha & Me, 30 Years Later In Borobudur

Budi, our guide

Today’s shore excursion to Borobudur featured two attractions: the UNESCO World Heritage Buddhist temple compounds known as Borobudur; and traveling to and from Silver Shadow. The travel component took us about 60 miles in each direction between Silver Shadow and Borobudor. It’s journey that would take less than an hour on America’s interstate highway system… [Read More]

Day 5 On Silver Shadow: Exploring Surabaya

Hotel Majapahit

This morning, Silver Shadow docked in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second largest city. I was booked on the four-hour Surabaya City Sights tour and passed through the cruise terminal, where Silversea guests were warmly welcomed by smiling people, some in costumes; smiling security guards; and a musical performance. As I have noted previously, I’ve rarely seen as… [Read More]

Day 4 On Silver Shadow: Dining Mindfully & The Virtues Of Champagne

Dinner began with a complimentary glass of Monopole champagne. © 2014 Ralph Grizzle

I dined alone tonight in a venue where couples might be more comfortable. It didn’t bother me. Before making reservations at Le Champagne (or to clarify that, before my butler made reservations for me), I had decided to focus on the dining experience and to enjoy the food, the wine and the service at the… [Read More]

Day 3 On Silver Shadow – Jet Lag, The Butler Who Does It All & ‘A Second Life’

Silver Shadow, Bali To Singapore

I made a mistake in planning this voyage, and I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it. An avid cruiser like me should not make such a rookie move, and yet I did. For years, I’ve been advising that you should plan to arrive a day or two before your cruises. I’ve proselytized readers with a… [Read More]

Day 2 On Silver Shadow – Riding Elephants In Bali

Silver Shadow, Bali To Singapore

“Depart the pier for a scenic drive through the verdant countryside … “ Are you familiar with the term “scenic drive” when it applies to cruise line shore excursions? It’s often a term used to describe tours requiring considerable travel to get between the ships and the staging venues where the shore excursions take place…. [Read More]