Day 3 – Our Medallion Suite On Silver Discoverer

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Our Home For Two Weeks: Silver Discoverer’s Medallion Suite from Ralph Grizzle on Vimeo. Our home for our two-week expedition is the most spacious suite on Silver Discoverer. Measuring 408 square feet, including the 27-square-foot balcony, the Medallion Suite features a living room with a sitting area, twin or queen-sized bed and complimentary backpacks and… [Read More]

Silver Discoverer: Provideniya Warmly Welcomes Us Into Russia


Silver Discoverer: Provideniya Warmly Welcomes Us from Ralph Grizzle on Vimeo. Traveling more than 200 nautical miles from Nome, Alaska, Silver Discoverer reached Provideniya, Russia, shortly before noon. As required, I showed my passport and visa to a uniformed border control guard, who stood at the top of the vessel’s gangway. The rosy-cheeked young man… [Read More]

Silver Discoverer Day 1 – Boarding In Nome To Cruise Russia’s Far East


Day 1 — Nome, Alaska, U.S.A. Once all guests have embarked, we depart on our spectacular 15-day, Great Northern Expedition. This afternoon we will be introduced to our expedition team and participate in the safety drill before setting sail. It is 2 a.m. Some things are clear. Others remain shrouded in mystery. Of those things… [Read More]

Day Seven: End Of A Voyage & Our Wrap Up Of Our Douro River Cruise On AmaVida

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Our journey along Portugal’s Douro River has come to an end. Watch the video above for our concluding thoughts, and click the links below for a recap of our voyage on a wine-themed river cruise aboard AmaWaterways’ AmaVida. Day 1 – Embarkation in Porto Day 2 – Touring Porto, Then Cruising To Entre-os-Rios Day 3 –… [Read More]

Video Review: What’s It Like Cruising CroisiEurope’s Botticelli For $175 Per Day Per Person?


Exploring CroisiEurope’s Botticelli — in Video Take our guided tour of CroisiEurope’s Botticelli as we sail through the majestic landscapes of France — aboard a European river cruise line that arguably knows Europe like the back of its hand. There’s good reason for that: Headquartered in Strasbourg, CroisiEurope boasts nearly four decades of experience in operating voyages along… [Read More]

AmaVida Day 6 – Castelo Rodrigo, Scenic Cruising & Quinta da Avessada


Ralph Grizzle is currently sailing onboard AmaWaterways’ AmaVida along Portugal’s Douro River. What’s on tap for today? After breakfast, tour Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, a small fortified village perched high on a hilltop. See 16th-century walls and walk down very narrow and steep medieval streets. Among the sights is the Chafariz dos Pretos in the… [Read More]

AmaVida Day 5 – Salamanca Flamenco Show, Rejoining AmaVida in Barca d’Alva


Ralph Grizzle is currently sailing Portugal’s Douro River onboard AmaWaterways’ AmaVida. What’s on tap for today? Drive to Salamanca for a full day tour of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, located at the center of the Castilla y León region of Spain. During your guided city tour, you will see the University buildings, the Salamanca… [Read More]

AmaVida Day 4: Shrine Of Our Lady Of Remedies & Scenic Cruising On The Douro


Ralph Grizzle is currently sailing onboard AmaWaterways‘ AmaVida through Portugal’s Douro River Valley. What’s on tap for today? Today, we visited picturesque Lamego, home to one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Portugal, the Nossa Senhora dos Remédios (Sanctuary of Our Lady of Remedies). There are more than 600 steps to ascend to the… [Read More]