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Europa 2, Owner's Suite

If you feel comfortable budgeting $300 to $1,000 per day per person and you want the best, look to the luxury cruise players for your cruise.

Photo Slideshow: Europa 2 Exterior Decks

Europa 2 deck chairs

German-engineered, built in France, Europa 2 is a beautiful ship. Take a walk-through the ship by viewing our slideshows at the links below and by checking out our Europa 2 ship review. For the moment, however, we’re focused on Europa 2’s beautiful decks, particularly the Sun Deck and Pool Deck, with its wrap-around promenade. You’ll find plenty of… [Read More]

Concluding Thoughts About Europa 2, The Newest Ship In The Luxury Segment


I wish all of my American friends, family and colleagues, as well as Avid Cruiser readers, a happy Labor Day weekend.  This week, we conclude our coverage of Europa 2 with a special Europa 2 video, 5 Reasons Why You May Want To Cruise Europa 2, and our comprehensive review. If you’re thinking of dropping €600… [Read More]