Preview Uniworld’s Maria Theresa: Join Me For A European Jewels River Cruise


Channeling the Habsburgs on the Danube aboard S.S. Maria Theresa I’ve spent a lot of time recently sailing on the rivers of Europe, but no matter how many times I travel there, I always find something new to like and appreciate about the European culture and way of life. For many, a river cruise through… [Read More]

Viking Star: Day 3, Cartagena, Spain, Has Viking Created A New Category Of Ocean Cruiser?

Torstein Hagen began his career with Bergen Line then helped launch Royal Viking Line with Warren Titus. © 2015 Ralph Grizzle

Yesterday, I wrote about a Northern Europe itinerary on which Viking Star was priced nearly 60 percent lower than Oceania Nautica when all inclusives were factored in. And that differential was based on Oceania’s promotional rate of $8,299. Using the brochure rate of $20,198 per person, Oceania Nautica would be priced more than 200 percent higher than Viking Star for the August 2016 sailing. Clearly, there were opportunities in… [Read More]

Viking Star: Day 2, Departing Barcelona, Tor Touts ‘Understated Elegance’ For Nearly 60 Percent Cheaper Than Oceania

Pricing comparison chart that Torstein Hagen presented to media on Viking Star. © 2015 Ralph Grizzle

Yesterday, I toured Viking Star with Tor. Torstein Hagen, that is, the chairman of Viking Ocean Cruises. During the tour, I learned just how much Nordic influence went into Viking Star. A lot. The ship’s interior made me feel as if I were on a stroll through Scandinavia, even though the interior design firm (Rottet Studio) hails not from… [Read More]

Day 1, Barcelona: Boarding The Nordic Inspired Viking Star, A Tour With Tor

Reminds me of Scandinavia. © 2015 Ralph Grizzle

If you’ve been itching to travel to the Nordics (or longing to return), look no further than Viking Star. The new ocean cruiser is a tribute to ancient Viking heritage and to contemporary Nordic culture. Shortly after embarking on Saturday, I toured the 930-guest vessel with Viking Ocean Cruises Chairman Torstein Hagen. As we walked through… [Read More]

Shore Excursions In Corfu: Best Greek Salad Ever & A Greek Beer To Wash It Down

greek salad corfu

I told you about the best baklava that I have ever tasted. Turns out, the guy also served us the best Greek salad we’ve ever had. The calamari was top rank too. The place? Café Espianada, on the promenade by the same name. We washed it all down with a local Greek beer, and a popular one, Mythos…. [Read More]