Silver Cloud: Downtown Parking

Silver Cloud is docked in downtown St. Petersburg. No matter, you still need a visa to walk across the street – or you must be traveling with an authorized tour operator. The Hermitage is situated near the gold-domed building in the upper left. Silver Cloud will spend three full days in St. Petersburg. Posted via… [Read More]

The Internationalization Of Silversea Cruises

Citizens of the United States are the largest demographic group on Silver Cloud this week, but as a whole, they make up less than half of the passenger mix, accounting for 103 of the 263 passengers on board (the ship’s capacity is 296). Australians number 74, and the United Kingdom is short 21 of its… [Read More]

Small Ship, Small Line

One of the advantages of traveling on a small ship is that you’ll typically stand in line less, particularly in destinations such as St. Petersburg, where visitors must pass through customs and immigration before stepping ashore. The photo below of the uncrowded dock was taken today as passengers disembarked Silver Cloud. See and download the… [Read More]