Bratislava, Slovakia


Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava was a “capital in exile” for Hungary’s kings and archbishops during Turkey’s occupation of Hungary and most of the middle Danube basin from 1526 to 1784. River cruisers typically do not overnight in Bratislava. But even a few hours is sufficient to appreciate Slovakia’s capital.

Take A Cruise, Learn Life Lessons


One of the great advantages of cruise ships is that experts frequently travel with you to help explain what you are seeing and visiting. When cruising in culturally significant places like Europe or in natural wonderlands like Alaska, the cruise lines will schedule sessions with experts who can add meaning and understanding to the visit.

Can A Cruise Change Your Life?


Chris, a young contractor who did some work on my home last summer, told me about his most memorable cruise. It came as a result of a question he had asked his wife: “What’s your dream?” “A Caribbean cruise,” she replied. It was a dream that Chris was determined to make come true: his wife,… [Read More]