Concluding Thoughts About Europa 2, The Newest Ship In The Luxury Segment


I wish all of my American friends, family and colleagues, as well as Avid Cruiser readers, a happy Labor Day weekend.  This week, we conclude our coverage of Europa 2 with a special Europa 2 video, 5 Reasons Why You May Want To Cruise Europa 2, and our comprehensive review. If you’re thinking of dropping €600… [Read More]

A-ROSA Stella & River Cruising In France: Six Slideshow Tours

Step Inside

This past Saturday in Lyon, France, we stepped off the river cruiser A-ROSA Stella following a weeklong cruise on the Rhône and Saône rivers in southern France. The itinerary was gorgeous, with visits to vineyards, bicycle trips through the French countryside, fine dining, sunsets on the rivers and the chance to stroll through charming villages, cities and… [Read More]

Assessing A-ROSA Stella: 9 Differentiating Factors That Would Make Me Cruise Again

Bicycling On A-ROSA Stella

Lyon, France — Yesterday, we stepped off A-ROSA Stella after a weeklong cruise on the Rhône and Saône rivers. During our voyage we saw lots of other river cruise companies offering programs in the region. If I were to cruise on this beautiful itinerary again, would I choose to do it on A-ROSA Stella for the second… [Read More]