A Journey Stalls … Grounded In Dubai, Will I Make Singapore?

Seat-back screen Emirates

Like people, companies define their reputations not only by how they handle situations when all goes right but also by how they respond when all goes wrong. Such was the case yesterday when a mechanical issue delayed my flight from Lyon to Dubai by more than five hours. The late departure from Lyon set in… [Read More]

17 days, 15 flights, 18 ships — All In Two Weeks

If it's Tuesday, this must be Belgium cover

I want to tell you about two weeks of the most demanding travel that I’ve ever anticipated. Altogether, the trip spans 17 days, sees me on five ships, in five hotels and on 15 flights from North America to Europe to Asia — and back. The sheer number of cities I am visiting is breath-taking,… [Read More]

Live From South Florida: Cruise Shipping Miami, The World’s Largest Gathering Of Cruise Industry Professionals

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean from my suite at the South Seas Hotel.

As the sun rises over the Atlantic Ocean, my feet are kicked up this morning, resting at the South Seas Hotel in Miami Beach before a demanding week begins. I’m here attending Cruise Shipping Miami. It’s the world’s largest gathering of cruise industry professionals, and like everyone here (about 10,000 of us), my schedule is… [Read More]

Your Alaska Questions Answered, Plus Our 2014 Alaska Guide

Alaska Fall Foliage

You’d think with all of the cold weather sweeping across North America that cruisers’ thoughts would be on any place but Alaska. Nonetheless, we’ve had a slew of emails asking us for advice about cruising The Great Land. Surely, Alaska is a destination that needs to go on everyone’s bucket list. If you’re planning on… [Read More]

Simply Presented: Royal Princess In 15 Slides

Royal Princess Slidedeck

One of our most popular cruise reviews features Princess Cruises’ Royal Princess. It’s easy to understand why: The new Royal Princess is everything that Princess Cruises represents, but on an enhanced and larger scale. We thought it would be fun to present the new vessel in a slidedeck. The deck was produced by Gail Jessen,… [Read More]

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‘Now For Something Completely Different,’ Five Aspirational Cruises From Berlitz Guide Author Douglas Ward

Scottish style service on the Hebridean Princess. © 2014 Hebridean Islands Cruises

I recently asked one of the world’s leading authorities on cruise ships if he would recommend a few aspirational ships for avid cruisers who have “been there, done that.” Douglas Ward is the author of Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Ships. With more than 45 years of experience and spending some 200 days a year aboard cruise… [Read More]