On Live Voyage Reports: Touring Heidelberg, Christmas Markets & More


Due to intermittent internet access along the Rhine yesterday, this Live Voyage Report appears one day late. After leaving Frankfurt yesterday, we cruised along the Rhine overnight. The purr of A-ROSA Silva’s engines and the river lapping against the hull lulled me to sleep. Plus, the healthy after-dinner pour of red wine probably helped to… [Read More]

All Aboard A-ROSA Silva: Arriving In Frankfurt For A Christmas Markets Cruise


Unlike most North Americans on board A-ROSA Silva today, my journey began this morning on an easy and fast flight from Copenhagen to Frankfurt (about 90 minutes). Shortly after landing, Monica and I picked up our bags, which arrived quickly thanks to the German penchant for efficiency, and wheeled them into arrivals hall. Although an… [Read More]

I’m Off To Antarctica, But First A Stop At The Christmas Markets In Germany On A-ROSA


Beginning Tuesday, December 3, I’ll be cruising along the Rhine River on all-inclusive A-ROSA. Then, on December 10, I’ll board a Lufthansa jet in Frankfurt to fly to Ushuaia for a 10-day journey to the White Continent, returning on December 24.

Five First Class Flying Tips


A lot of folks “Liked” my photograph from seat 1K on Lufthansa flight 431 from Chicago to Frankfurt this past Friday. I was sitting in that seat to get to my Christmas Markets river cruise, which begins in Frankfurt on Tuesday. I wrote about my First Class experience here. How did I afford such a seat… [Read More]

Lufthansa First Class Chicago To Frankfurt

Pajamas. © 2013 Ralph Grizzle

Wow! That’s how I would describe Lufthansa’s First Class product. I paid, with points and some cash and got a deal. It was Black Friday, after all. Last night’s flight could well be the pinnacle of my up-in-the-air experiences. It started at Chicago O’Hare with an escort past the long lines to the Boeing 747-400…. [Read More]

Penguinology 101: Preparing For A Voyage To Antarctica

King Penguins, South Georgia

Though tables in the United States are being prepared for turkey (a Thanksgiving tradition), it is penguins that are occupying my thoughts. In fact, I developed somewhat of an obsession with these flightless, aquatic birds while planning my voyage to Antarctica, which begins on December 12. Thus, I’ve been listening to Morgan Freeman, who sounds as… [Read More]