The Most All-Inclusive River Cruise Company Goes To …


Confession: I love small ships, expedition vessels, barges and river cruises. I suppose I’ve done my share of big-ship cruising. Big ships are ideal for vacations, but I’m looking for experiences, and I find that small ships deliver those on a more consistent basis than do big ships. Your mileage may vary, as they say in those automobile… [Read More]

Rock, No Roll, Gentoo Penguin Nest-Building Habits: Antarctica Explored, A Photo A Day

Penguin With Stone

Gentoo penguins, like the one pictured here, are ground-nesting birds. It’s fun to watch the waddlers at work, gathering stones for their nests. You’ll see plenty of them, and plenty of them at work, on an Antarctic voyage. A Gentoo couple, which often forms long-lasting bonds, is highly nurturing. At breeding time, for example, both parents will work to build… [Read More]

Holiday Greetings: Antarctica Explored, A Photo A Day

Santa Hat Ralph Grizzle

Yesterday, I wrote about a woman who went Christmas shopping on the White Continent. I failed to garner gifts, but I did don a Santa hat to wish my friends happy holidays from Antarctica. My only regret is that I blocked beautiful Seabourn Quest with my big thumb. Sorry Bjørn. You’d be surprised at what people pack… [Read More]

Special Report From Cruise Radio: Carnival Vista – What You Need to Know

The Havana Pool aboard Carnival Vista.

My friend Doug Parker was in New York this week to learn more about the forthcoming Carnival Vista. Doug runs Cruise Radio, which I enjoy and encourage you to check out. He was kind enough to share his thoughts and impressions of Carnival’s forthcoming ship for readers of Avid Cruiser.  Vista literally means “a pleasing view.” Now… [Read More]

Fiddle While Rome Burns: Is The Euro Sinking Or The Dollar Rising? No Matter, Pack Your Bags, Europe Is On Sale

Screenshot 2015-01-23 09.38.03

The fact that US$1.12 will buy a euro is not a record, but it’s the best we’ve seen in many years. If ever there was a time to visit Europe – well, other than 1985 when I was also there and the dollar was much stronger – it is now. Most activities in Europe will cost… [Read More]

Shopping On The White Continent, Yes Really: Antarctica Explored, A Photo A Day

Surreal Landscape: Penguins at Waterboat Point. © 2014 Avid Travel Media Inc.

There is life in Antarctica, human life. In fact, the population of Antarctica ranges from about 1,000 people to 5,000 people throughout the year. They work at research stations, some of which cruise ships visit. On one day of our voyage, Seabourn Quest anchored within sight of the González Videla Base, a Chilean Research Station on the… [Read More]

50 Shades Of Blue, Icebergs: Antarctica Explored, A Photo A Day

Seabourn Quest Icebergs

Antarctica has so many attractions. Of course, everyone thinks of penguins, and who doesn’t enjoy watching these adorable creatures? But Antarctica’s ice also has mesmerizing qualities. On each day of our Antarctic voyage on Seabourn Quest, we observed beautiful ice sculptures carved by currents and wind and by the warming of the air that eventually would… [Read More]

New Video Detailing My June Barge Trip In France

Screenshot 2015-01-21 14.52.47

Trouble viewing? Click Anne-Marie Barge Cruise to view in Vimeo. I’ve chartered a barge for an adventure in the south of France beginning June 19, 2015. The barge carries only 24 people, so space is limited. There’ll be French wines, bicycle rides, wonderful food and lots of fun with friends. If you’re interested in joining me, click… [Read More]