Penguinology 101: Preparing For A Voyage To Antarctica

King Penguins, South Georgia

Though tables in the United States are being prepared for turkey (a Thanksgiving tradition), it is penguins that are occupying my thoughts. In fact, I developed somewhat of an obsession with these flightless, aquatic birds while planning my voyage to Antarctica, which begins on December 12. Thus, I’ve been listening to Morgan Freeman, who sounds as… [Read More]

On Live Voyage Reports: A Gorgeous Day at Sea on Silver Wind


Aaron Saunders, Live Voyage Reports The old saying goes that the best is always saved for last, and that’s a very accurate statement here onboard Silversea’s Silver Wind, as Voyage 2334 from Rome to Malaga slowly winds its way to a close. In contrast to the rough weather we had experienced as of late, today is… [Read More]

On Live Voyage Reports: La Goulette, Sidi Bou Said and Ancient Carthage


Silversea’s Silver Wind arrived in La Goulette, Tunisia this morning for a day of exploration in the northernmost country on the African continent. Having officially traded the European Union for another continent, guests aboard the Silver Wind had to undergo customs formalities this morning. But once again, Silversea made what could have been a lengthy… [Read More]

On Live Voyage Reports: Valletta, Mdina, and a Memorable Sail-Away


Silversea’s Silver Wind sailed into Valletta, Malta this morning, and I stepped ashore to discover what has unquestionably been my favorite port of call so far on this voyage. I had heard amazing things about Malta from friends who had been here before, and I have to say I was not disappointed. To get properly… [Read More]

On Live Voyage Reports: Trapani, Sicily and the Silver Wind


A brilliant sunrise welcomed Silversea’s Silver Wind to the Sicilian port of Trapani this morning, heralding the start of another exciting day on Voyage 2334 from Rome to Malaga. I’ve become a creature of habit as far as breakfast aboard the Silver Wind goes.  Despite the fact there are four different options available for the… [Read More]