On Silver Wind: A Moving Day In Jerusalem, Israel


Silver Wind dumped half of its passenger load in Limassol, Cyprus. The reason: Our next two ports of call were in Israel, and apparently quite a few people were afraid to travel to this country in the Middle East. So they booked a half voyage. I can only say, Boy did they miss out. My… [Read More]

Silver Wind Dining: Steaks & Lava Stones, An Evening At ‘The Grill’

The Grill

Silver Wind docked this morning in Aghios, Greece. All aboard was at 12:30, so we only had a few hours in this small town situated in Crete. After a leisurely breakfast, we did what many of the other guests did, headed to a café for internet and the obligatory coffee. Returning to the ship at… [Read More]

On Silver Wind: Our Day At Sea Begins With An In-Suite Breakfast Feast

© 2014 Ralph Grizzle

In Sweden it is traditional to serve breakfast in bed to those who have birthdays. After all, what greater luxury is there than to have breakfast while in your pajamas? On Silversea, you need not be celebrating your birthday (although I will be in a couple of days) to dine in your pajamas — or the… [Read More]

On Silver Wind: Silhouettes Of Stromboli & A Video Tour Of Royal Suite 601

Stromboli as lightning strikes. © 2014 Ralph Grizzle

Last night, I had the most remarkable experience. At around 3 a.m., drumrolls of thunder woke me from my sleep. I wrapped my bathrobe around me, walked into the living room and pulled back the curtains. What a spectacle! Flashes of lightning streaked the sky, violent yet beautiful. As I watched, the sky brightened and… [Read More]