Last Night On Silver Explorer: Dining Under The Stars

Welcome cocktails: Rum with a punch.

It never fails to amaze me how cruise ships pull off the extraordinary everyday — with the same staff. Hotels and resorts have the advantage of rotating staff who can go home to refresh and re-energize, but cruise ships typically employ staff who may work nearly everyday for as long as 12 months before getting… [Read More]

Silver Explorer Photo Tour: Silver Suite 502

Step inside Silver Suite 502.

Silver Explorer features nine categories of staterooms and suites. Among the most popular are the Silver Suites, of which there are six on Silver Explorer. Capable of sleeping three comfortably and in privacy, Silver Suites are large, measuring 460 square feet, with separate areas for living and sleeping, marbled bath with a full-sized tub and… [Read More]

Port Profile: Portree, Scotland

Learn everything you need to know about cruise destinations under Avid Cruiser’s Port Profiles section (you’ll find a tab above on the navigation bar). Each week, we’ll provide one or more port profiles for those are planning trips or for those who need inspiration to do so. Today’s feature, Portree, Scotland. Quick Links Overview Portree… [Read More]

Want An Active Cruise? Crossing Bequia: Silver Explorer Guests Enjoy A Six-Mile Walk From The Caribbean To The Atlantic. A Cruise Even For Non-Cruisers?

Today, Silver Explorer anchored in Bequia, the largest island in the Grenadines.

Bequia must be the most idyllic of Caribbean islands. I had read that Bequia is a small island where people were exceptionally friendly and where no one hassles you, and indeed, I enjoyed the “Hellos” and “How are yous?” today on a six-mile walk from the Caribbean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, crossing the island…. [Read More]

Want All-Inclusive Luxury? Silver Explorer Includes Shore Excursions. Ours Today: Dominica

A picture-perfect snapshot at the Emerald Pool.

You don’t need to give a lot of thought to shore excursions on Silver Explorer. That’s because they’re all offered to guests on a complimentary basis. You need not sign up for shore excursions either; just show up and you’re on your way. Of course, the inclusive excursions also equate to substantial savings over cruises… [Read More]

Good Morning Montserrat: Silver Explorer Calls Where Few Ships Do

Awakening: From my balcony the beautiful island of  Montserrat

Tourism officials in Montserrat told me they hardly ever get cruise ships. So it was a pleasant surprise for them to come aboard Silver Explorer this morning and enjoy cakes and coffee as they completed the legal paperwork for Silver Explorer to bring its guests ashore. Montserrat is perhaps best known for its volcanic eruptions. The… [Read More]

Crystal’s Voluntourism Program Creates Unique Experiences

A voluntourism group from Crystal Cruises

By WALLACE IMMEN As passengers of Crystal Serenity boarded buses for tours in Dubrovnik, a group of eight guests got into a van for a unique experience. They had volunteered to help for the day at a Croatian retirement village in a 600-year old estate that has such limited funding that there isn’t anyone to… [Read More]

One Of My Favorite Books Ever — And I’ve Not Yet Read It. Geoff Edwards Goes All The Way


I’m so excited about Geoff Edwards’ new book that I can’t wait to finish it before letting Avid Cruiser readers know about it. In fact, I’m at sea and trying to download the book for my Kindle right now. Geoff is the funniest writer I’ve ever read — well, Bill Bryson is a strong contender… [Read More]