Baltic Bliss On A Bicycle: Total Immersion In Copenhagen


I commuted to work this morning – on a bicycle, in Copenhagen. In fact, I joined hundreds of thousands of Copenhageners who pedal daily to and from their jobs in this city of bikes. Because cycling is such a strong part of Copenhagen’s culture, the art of pedaling represents one way that I like to experience… [Read More]

On Location: Filming ‘Two Perfect Days’ Copenhagen

On location: filming in Nyhavn, Copenhagen's colorful harbor.

This week, I am working in Denmark with Wonderful Copenhagen Film Production to film the first of Avid Cruiser’s “Two Perfect Days” series. The short videos are designed to help visitors quickly extract the essence of destinations and get the most from their visits to some of the world’s greatest cities. The idea is that… [Read More]

My Year Of Living Danishly: Moving To Copenhagen

Happier in Copenhagen?

In December of 2007, I moved from America’s happiest city to the world’s happiest nation. In case you missed it, a major news network cited Asheville, North Carolina as the happiest city in the United States — with Denmark taking honors as the world’s happiest country. I first visited Denmark in 2003, when assigned to… [Read More]

As Predicted, The End Of The World (Cruise)

Harold Camping, a civil engineer turned self-taught biblical scholar whose doomsday scenario — broadcast on his Family Radio network — predicted a May 21, 2011, Judgment Day.

  Poor Harold Camping got it wrong – again. The world did not end Saturday as the self-proclaimed biblical prophet predicted (he also prophesied the end in 1994). And so it looks as though we (including the 200 million people who were supposed to be raptured yesterday, according to Camping) continue to be subjugated to yet another… [Read More]

Exploring Greenland, Iceland & the Faroes with Fred. Olsen

Sailing into Reykjavik, Iceland. Photo courtesy of Aaron Saunders

Sometimes, finding an interesting itinerary can be tough work. But for those with a sense of adventure and a desire to visit destinations off the beaten path, UK-based Fred.Olsen Cruises has an itinerary that delivers in spades. Departing July 28, 2011 from Rosyth, Scotland, guests sail for 17 days aboard the line’s venerable Boudicca to… [Read More]