Do The Math To Discover Exceptional Value On Luxury Cruises

One of the things that people often overlook when shopping for a cruise is the incredible value offered in the luxury segment. On the Yachts of Seabourn, for example, you’ll never sign a check for a speciality coffee or bottled water, beer, spirits or even a glass of champagne, and that’s true champagne by the… [Read More]

New Faces & Talents At The Avid Cruiser


The Avid Cruiser Expands: Three new staff; and a new partnership. As The Avid Cruiser’s founder, editor and chief evangelist, I am pleased – and relieved – to announce that the site now has help. Thank god. To the rescue are three talented individuals, who you will meet below. But first, a word from our… [Read More]

Discovering Europe with Fred. Olsen

There’s no denying it: The European cruise market is hot. Even so, North American cruisers remain largely unaware of the niche lines that ply European waters year-round, long after the mainstream North American lines have sailed back to the Caribbean. Fred. Olsen Cruises is one such line. Norwegian in heritage but based out of the… [Read More]

Celebrity Summit To Receive ‘Solstice” Style Makeover

Celebrity Summit will become the third Millennium Class ship to complete “Solsticizing,” the term Celebrity Cruises coined for its initiative to complement its Milllennium Class ships’ style and design with some of the most popular attributes found on its Solstice Class ships. Among the highlights: AquaClass, Celebrity’s spa-inspired veranda-category accommodations, paired with the Mediterranean-themed specialty… [Read More]