Penguins To Make You Smile, Exploring Antarctica On Seabourn Quest


Trouble viewing the video? View on Youtube. We spent yesterday at Cuverville Island observing penguins. I had fun photographing and filming the penguins. For those of you who can’t be here but would like to be, I created a short video. You’d think that after an hour or so, you’d get tired of watching penguins, but… [Read More]

Penguins Greet Guests On Half Moon Island: Exploring Antarctica On Seabourn Quest

© 2014 Ralph Grizzle

After crossing the Drake Passage yesterday, Seabourn Quest held a position for most of the day today off Half Moon Island. All guests who wished to do so were able to go ashore in Zodiacs, except for one wheelchair-bound passenger who will likely get to go ashore under calmer sea conditions later this week. With… [Read More]

No Need For TrepiDRAKEtion: On Seabourn Quest, Smooth Seas Across The Drake, Plus, Our First Iceberg Sighting

Seabourn Quest Expedition Team Leader Robin West explains Drake Passage weather patterns to Ralph Grizzle. © 2014 Yuriy Rzhemovskiy for Avid Travel Media Inc.

A week ago, as we were leaving Buenos Aires, we were convinced that a fierce storm may have set the tone for our Antarctic adventure (see our video here). Our concern: Crossing the Drake Passage. As any sailor knows, crossing the Drake can be challenging when Mother Nature chooses to not play nice, and we… [Read More]

Penguins & Pints: Seabourn Quest Calls On Port Stanley, Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands

It was to have been just another day at sea. As I wrote yesterday, our stop in Port Stanley was nearly scrapped. Following the technical issue on Monday that caused Seabourn Quest to deviate from its charted course, it looked as though we would spend two or more sea days cruising directly from Puerto Madryn to the Antarctic Peninsula…. [Read More]

On Seabourn Quest: A Diversion Meets With Disappointment, Then Something Remarkable Happened


I was in the shower when the announcement came over Seabourn Quest’s public address system on Monday afternoon. It was the captain’s voice, so I knew I had better listen. I shut off the water and poked my head out of the shower: There had been a brief power outage to the bridge’s navigation system, and in the… [Read More]