Avid Cruiser Voyages: Egypt and the Nile, River Cruises Testing The Waters


Our Avid Cruiser Voyage is set in a destination that has remained controversial ever since the Arab Spring uprisings that began in December 2010. But Egypt has such an astonishing variety of historic landmarks and cultural attractions on offer that it’s almost as if the country was tailor-made for cruising. Not many of my Facebook friends are courageous… [Read More]

Avid Cruiser Voyages: Dubai and the United Arab Emirates

The Sultan's Palace in Muscat

Our next installment of Avid Cruiser Voyages focuses on a destination that is unique in its own right, yet frequently lumped into a much broader geographical term that can describe cruises to nearly a dozen different countries. Typically marketed as a Middle East cruise, voyages departing roundtrip from Dubai, United Arab Emirates are the focus… [Read More]

Avid Cruiser Voyages: Expedition Antarctica

An expedition to Antarctica is one of the most stunning adventures you can undertake in modern times. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

For many, a voyage to Antarctica is the crown jewel of the expedition cruising world. The ultimate adventure, a voyage to the Southernmost Continent is a veritable rite of passage within the cruising world, and representative of what may very well be one of the least-visited places on earth. Read a day-by-day account of Ralph… [Read More]

Avid Cruiser Voyages: The Transpacific Crossing

The Alaskan city of Kodiak around 1900. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia / Creative Commons

In a past installment of Avid Cruiser Voyages, we told you about the magical experience that is the Transatlantic Crossing. But the Atlantic isn’t the only way to cross. In fact, one of the most adventurous ocean crossings you can make begins on the opposite side of North America. The Transpacific Crossing is typically offered two… [Read More]

Avid Cruiser Voyages: Pacific Coast Cruises


Repositioning cruises can be largely classified as one-off voyages offered at a specific time in the year. Typically, these will consist of just a single sailing that is noteworthy for being longer or shorter than the average voyage, operating an itinerary that is intended to bring the ship from one cruising region of the world… [Read More]

Avid Cruiser Voyages: Asia

Through the Gate: Strolling the Humble Administrator's Garden in Suzhou, China

An up and coming cruise destination is the subject of this week’s installment of Avid Cruiser Voyages. Asia is perhaps a poor descriptive of this expansive region, simply because so many cruise lines and travel agent booking sites tend to lump Asia cruises for itineraries visiting countries like Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea,… [Read More]

Avid Cruiser Voyages: Australia Cruises


In a previous installment of Avid Cruiser Voyages, we wrote about the natural splendors that awaited cruisers in New Zealand.  It’s almost impossible, however, to talk about New Zealand without mentioning another country, equally as fascinating and diverse, located just a few days’ cruise away. We’re talking, of course, about the land Down Under –… [Read More]