On Live Voyage Reports: The Race To Beat The Storm Through The Drake Passage

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Almost there …

Yesterday, I wrote about how we were racing to get ahead of a storm that was moving directly across our path as we make our to Ushuaia. Here’s an update on our progress.

3 a.m. The chart above indicates the wave heights at this hour. We are slightly ahead of the storm, within the blue area above that indicates wave heights of only 2 meters to 3 meters (about 6 feet to 9 feet). The graph above further indicates that to our port side, quite a ways off, the storm is creating swells up to 8 meters (about 24 feet). We’re ahead of the storm for the moment, squeezing in a narrow “low wind and wave” corridor as we make our way to the Beagle Channel. So far, so good. There is little motion on Silver Explorer.

We’re actually pushing 16.30 knots at this moment, so the captain is driving Silver Explorer even harder than yesterday, when our speed was around 15.1 knots.

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